Finding exciting commercial
tenants just got a lot faster.

Instantly match your spaces to qualified independent businesses who are actively in the market. Review the profiles for each of your matches and be put in touch directly with the owner.

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Jamie, Founder @ Pitt Cue Co

We Built This City is helping us find the right space for Pitt Cue Co.

View market demand in real-time

Your personalised We Built This City dashboard lets you see the kinds of properties that are in demand right now. Information is power, and knowing what’s hot gives you the option to consider adapting the properties you’ve got to match what tenants are looking for.

Jump-start your sales process

You can trust our matching engine to get you talking with the perfect tenants as quickly as possible. All the businesses on We Built This City are actively looking for space, and waiting for you to get in touch. Put an end to chasing leads. Close more deals instead.

Source tenants in a few clicks

Enter a few details and get instant access to our exclusive market snapshot - a dashboard that tells you what occupiers are looking for right now. From there it’s easy to start getting matches for live spaces.

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Qualified leads, coming in hot

Let’s face it, too many deals stall due to tenants being too inexperienced to know what’s expected of them. That’s why we ask them the important technical information you need to know ahead of time, and serve them to you ready to go.

Interest schedules on a plate

Save time and curate your spaces with our detailed approach to interest schedules. You’ll get rich profiles of every business matched with your space - straight to your team dashboard.

Connect direct with tenants

Sifting through dead-end emails from window shoppers is a waste of your time. With We Built This City you can get straight into the nitty gritty. Contact active tenants directly through the platform.