A Match Made In Peckham

Business partners Leo and Michael met in a busy candle-lit office. OK, it was electrically-lit. There were no candles. But it was busy. Both worked for a property company that transformed under-used city areas into spaces in which local people could create thriving businesses.

During this time, they built-up expertise in commercial property and saw how the system was loaded against small, independent businesses with no contacts and little knowledge of the sector. Where to look for new properties? Who to contact? There was no help out there.

Sitting at the other end of the commercial property table, if you can imagine such a thing, were commercial property agents with problems of their own. How to cost-effectively find commercial businesses that wanted to rent property? How to be sure those businesses weren’t going to be timewasters?

Enter We Built This City. Where independent businesses meet commercial property agents and landlords, virtually.

And such was its attraction, as with many relationships, two soon became three. Ib left his role as CTO at a successful Series-A tech company to join this real estate revolution. And the business took off.

It’s now the platform where mutually beneficial relationships happen with no wining or dining required, no awkward small-talk to endure. Just a quick and easy way for commercial property supply to meet demand.

Young, fee-free and single-minded

We’re a business with a single goal. To make accessing real estate fairer for independent businesses. So there’s no agency fees to pay to access a database that’s expertly designed to make intelligent matches between landlords and tenants, in much the same way as dating websites do.


INDEPENDENT BUSINESSES seeking free and easy access to the commercial property market. We are open to a one-property stand, or a long term relationship.

COMMERCIAL LANDLORDS AND ESTATE AGENTS for a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership with a trusted business with advanced IT skills and a desire to make your life easier.

Match with your next space in 3 easy steps

Create your account, tell us what you’re looking for, and set up a profile for your business. Then sit back, lie back, kick back, whatever. We Built This City does the rest - matching you with landlords & agents who have spaces that are right for your business.

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